Gas Clothes Dryers

Rinnai’s Dry-Soft® cloths dryers are available in 4kg and 6kg capacities that capitalises on the efficient heating power of gas to outperform conventional electric dryers in every way.

When compared to a conventional electric dryer, our Dry-Soft® range offers:

Reduction in your environmental impact – with up to 67% less greenhouse gas emissions*
Faster drying time – up to 43% quicker drying time*
Lower running costs – up to 60% lower running cost*
*Based on independent lab tests to relevant Australian Standard. Running cost comparison assumes a gas tariff of 1.6c/mj and electricity tariff of 18.48c/Kwh. Actual savings will vary depending on the gas and electricity tariff in the householder’s area.

But, it’s not just the great performance of our Dry-Soft® range that make them so superior. Thanks to their gas-heated air, the quality of the dryness and the softness of the clothes can’t be beaten. What’s more, your clothes don’t just come out softer, they come out with less wrinkles too, which means less ironing.

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