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Jordans differs from other retailers. We not only advise on the best appliance to suit your needs, we’ll sell & install it for you with our Sale/Install packages.

No need to worry about the retail runaround if your appliance fails & you’re trying to get the warranty service sorted. Your 1st call is to us and we’ll sort the problem with you. 

To make sure you get the best performance from your home appliances, it’s essential they’re installed correctly to manufacturers specifications. Not all plumbers & gas fitters are able to get this right. That’s why we’re a trusted installer for thousands of our customers, Retail Gas Energy providers & manufacturers alike.

Jordans Home Heating can provide general advice & pricing for installations on:

Hot water - the latest energy efficient gas, electric and solar systems.

Heating – gas heating with portable, flued, flame fires, hydronic and ducted heating systems.

Cooking – gas, electric and duel fuel cook tops, uprights and wall ovens

Air conditioning – ducted and evaporative systems for home, commercials and office premises.

Our guarantee – Jordans tradespeople ensure that you’re totally satisfied with the work. They also provide a Guarantee of Workmanship along with your warranty details. All our tradespeople hold a NSW Gotv. contractor ID which ensures they've passed safety checks.

To book a Jordans trade installation go to get a quote or call 1800 247 828 (8:00am to 5:15pm, Monday to Friday) or book online.

Handy Hint:  Jordans Home Heating recommends that you receive a certificate of compliance that must be given to the NSW Fair Trading Commission.